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Starting Muay Thai exercise in weekend

When coming to Thailand, people will see lots of fabulous sunsets, lush tropical islands, amazing temples and friendly smiles. Surely this is the kind of surroundings wherein any person would want to spend their weekend. And yet there are many people who want more than that. This is the kind of people who come to Thailand specifically to spend as much time training Muay Thai as possible. Even though they like the ice teas and other culinary temptations of Thailand as much as the next person, they are willing to sacrifice those indulgences in order to spend as much time as possible in the Muay Thai training centre. Muay Thai exercise continues to be the most popular sport in Thailand and it also enjoys the support of the king. It draws a lot of support from the local people because it is such an exciting spectator sport. Muay Thai training improves the entire body because it is one of the best work out routines available.

Superior training

Muay Thai training camps in Thailand maintain a very high standard as far as Muay Thai exercise is concerned. A holiday or weekend on a beach or island is an very tempting prospect for thousands of people. During a Muay Thai vacation fitness levels will improve and another benefit is spectacular weight loss. Thousands of people travel to Thailand every year and sadly many of them don’t include Muay Thai training in their weekend plans. This is very sad because Muay Thai is an integral part of the collective soul of Thailand. It has been said that you cannot really know Thailand with out an intimate knowledge of Muay Thai and in the same way you can’t really know Muay Thai without a fair amount of knowledge about Thailand and everything the country represents. Nevertheless those who do include Muay Thai exercise will get extremely fit and their self defense skills also improve.

Additional benefits

There will be lots of time in between training sessions to explore your surroundings and you can do this by going on hiking trips or by relaxing on one of the beaches. There will be lots of healthy Thai foods to sample and in the process your understanding of Thai culture will improve. For many people the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with recognized Muay Thai champions is the most precious part of their entire vacation. Not everyone is convinced that Muay Thai camp is such a good idea or that it is a good way to spend a weekend. And they are partly right because those first few days of training can be very grueling but ultimately those who persevere find that both the mind and body benefit from this experience. Students typically train twice a day and six days a week. Training sessions can be as long as two hours and they are very challenging and everything is fast paced and exhausting. If all of this sounds like just too much of a challenge don’t worry because most Muay Thai gyms are very flexible allowing students to choose a schedule which is more suitable to their current comfort level. Muay Thai camp of global popularity is a good Muay Thai exercise program for your weekend.

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