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Why Themesinfo WP Theme Detector is the Best: 5 Reasons to Prove

Are you a web developer looking to design a website for your business or company? Are you hiring a webmaster to design it for you but need inspiration for a theme? If you’re looking at different Internet sites and wondering which software and themes they are using, chances are, the ones you’re looking at are using WordPress: over 42% of websites use this software for their website themes.

Suppose you’ve noticed a website and were interested in which themes they are using. In that case, the Themesinfo WordPress themes detector can tell you if they are using WordPress and, if so, which themes they use, down to all of its exact plugins and content management systems. Read below about 5 reasons why the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector is the best way to shape your website exactly the way you envision it.

1. Easy Search Function of the WordPress Themes Detector

Themesinfo WP theme detector makes it incredibly easy to search for the website you’re curious about. Simply copy and paste any URL into the search bar and press “Detect” to receive quick and exact results for the theme, author, plugins, how many other websites use that theme, and much more.

2. Download Any Available Plugin at Will

Once a WordPress plugin is detected, the Themesinfo WP theme detector will show you exactly which plugins are used on that website, plus how many other websites have used that same plugin. When a plugin is available to download, you will see a button that says “Download plugin” which allows you to download any of them for free.

3. No Coding Necessary to Use Themesinfo WP Themes Detector

One of the greatest advantages of using the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector is that you don’t need to know any fancy coding or special design properties to find the themes we find for you. Once you know the WP theme of a website, any webmaster, web designer, or developer can use these functions to create your dream website.

4. Our Chrome Extension Makes Finding Themes Even Easier

When you download the WP theme detector and plugin detector Chrome extension, finding themes and plugins makes creating your website even easier. Simply click the extension in your Chrome browser on-demand to find all available themes and plugins within your current website without even leaving the page you’re currently on.

5. Useful For Any Blogger, Webmaster, Developer, and SEO Master

You can receive all of the benefits of Themesinfo, no matter your reasons for building a website. Themesinfo WordPress theme detector makes finding themes and plugins fast and easy no matter the experience, skill, or profession of the user. As long as you’re interested in finding a website theme or building one of your own, Themesinfo has you covered.

Now that you are aware of all the reasons mentioned above to use the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector, you are ready to start designing your website that will suit your company’s needs by finding out different WordPress themes and plugins available to you. Download the Themesinfo Chrome extension or view it on the Themesinfo website today to get started for all your web design needs.

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