Can I Get Into Law School With a 140 LSAT?

If you have a score of 140 on the LSAT, you might wonder, “Can I get into law school with that?” There is good news. Many law schools are willing to accept low scores as long as an applicant can demonstrate potential as an attorney. However, law schools are not in the highest ranked category for admissions, and a low score can hinder your chances of admission. There are ways to overcome a low score, including making your application as strong as possible.

The best option for anyone with a 140 LSAT score is a 2.7 GPA. While you can still get in with a low LSAT score, it may be tougher to receive scholarships. Generally, law schools require at least a 148 LSAT score to accept students. Law schools will not accept applicants with scores over three points below the median. Therefore, it is advisable to improve your overall GPA and try to get an A on your LSAT score.

While a high LSAT score is helpful, a low score can cost you if you apply late in the season. LSAC statistics on retakes show that about 25-30% of people who scored 140-159 on the first test received the same score on their second. Also, many law schools are rolling admissions programs, and applying early can increase your chances of admission. If you do get in, make sure to study early.

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