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Can You Get Divorced Without Splitting Your Assets?

Marriage is one of the most critical relationships in our family. Accepting the end of a wedding can be challenging for most people. Divorce can lead one to severe mental distress and trauma. The couple to be divorced should not hesitate to consult professional help like therapy to deal with divorce. 

Besides therapy, a divorce can be highly complex and legal. Splitting or distributing assets and properties is one of the complicated areas of a divorce. Contact a Madison divorce attorney if you need help distributing assets or properties in the divorce. 

Can I file for a divorce without wanting to split my assets? 

It is a general rule that all divorce judgments should include orders about the distribution of the couple’s marital property. In a divorce case, liability will also be assigned for marital debts. You might be capable of obtaining a “status-only” divorce. In such a type of divorce, the judge will grant a divorce order that legally ends the marriage but does not include any charges on other issues like marital belongings or debts. 

  • You will be able to get a divorce without asset distribution in your state if the court does not have the jurisdiction to issue orders related to property division. It could be possible in scenarios wherein your spouse is situated in another state. You can proceed with the decision of divorce in such situations without having to worry about splitting assets. However, you will be needed to file a separate legal case in the other state where you can request orders for the division of marital assets. 
  • Each state’s law will allow a judge to grant status-only divorces. The idea behind status-only divorces is that when a spouse requests the latter, the judge will keep a separate hearing known as a “bifurcated trial.” These trials are held to grant a status-only divorce of the marriage. 

You should know that a divorce without splitting the assets would be considered an unforeseen tax and other related financial consequences. In such cases, you might get caught up in legal feuds with the authorities. In such cases, it would be advisable to contact a divorce attorney in Madison and ask them to provide legal and professional guidance. 

There are some ways using which you can proceed with the divorce and prevent these outcomes. You can continue to resolve property disputes, if any, with a status-only divorce and gain the ability to lead separate lives. As a result, you can file for a divorce without wanting to split your assets and properties with your spouse. 

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