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How to Make Using a Mechanical Keyboard much Quieter

Using a mechanical keyboard is one way to make your computer quieter. There are several methods of doing this. You can install rubber ‘O’ rings, add a dampening mat or cloth, and change the switch types. Each method will help you make your keyboard a little quieter.

Lubricating stabilizers

One of the best ways to make your mechanical keyboard quiet is to lubricate stabilizers. They are vital components that keep keys steady and prevent binding on the edges. Stabilizers are typically made of synthetic grease.You can choose from several products if you want to lubricate your keyboard stabilizers. You can use a thin paintbrush or a syringe. Both methods can help reduce the noise of rattling.You can also lubricate your stabilizers using a Band-Aid mod. This is an easy way to get a significant reduction in the sound of your stabilizers. It can be used on both screw-in and clip-in stabilizers.

Before performing the mod, you will need to remove the stabilizers. To do this, you will need to unclip the switch from the PCB. Then, you will need to unclip the tabs that hold the stabilizer in place.You can run a ghosting test in your text editor. If you hold down shift while pressing the keys, you’ll be able to see which keys are registering. Then, you can try different combinations. When you find the key combination that results in a ghosted keypress, you’ll know the key is not being reported.Ghosting can be caused by hardware or software. For example, some keyboards have mechanicalswitches, which don’t have the same accuracy as physical switches. They can also be affected by fluff inside the keyboard. Lastly, keyboards can be limited by the communication protocol that your computer uses. Your operating system might limit the number of simultaneous key presses.

Installing rubber ‘O’ rings

If you are tired of typing on noisy and annoying mechanical keyboards, you may consider installing rubber ‘O’ rings to dampen your sound. They will make your typing experience less noisy and quicker.O-rings come in many different sizes and softness levels. They can be stacked to improve the sound dampening of your keyboard.Thinner O-rings provide softer feedback, while thicker O-rings give more solid feedback. You can find O-rings in both natural and silicone materials. Silicone is cheaper than natural rubber but has more tensile resistance.

O-rings are a very cheap and easy way to modify your keyboard. You can buy a sample pack of O-rings to test different options before making a purchase.It is important to remember that O-rings are not a guaranteed fix for a faulty or outdated keyboard. However, installing rubber ‘O’ rings is a remarkably cheap way to improve your experience if upgrading your mechanical keyboard.O-rings are also used to dampen the sound of actuation. The O-rings are placed around the switch’s stem, usually 0.2mm thick. This makes them cushion the up and down motion of the key press.

Adding foam

Adding foam to mechanical keyboards can make them more comfortable and less noisy. The key is to think smart about your options. Several quick fixes and more invasive methods can make your keyboard quieter without breaking the bank.A good quality case is one of the simplest and most effective noise reduction techniques. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Some cases even come with sound-dampening foam, but if yours does not, don’t despair.

Adding padding to individual keycaps is a simple and effective way to improve the feel of your keyboard. This can be done with various materials, from cloth to foam. It’s also a good idea to add a dampener to the bottom of your keyboard, if possible.Anti-ghosting can be helpful for FPS games that need precise inputs. Alternatively, it can help you type faster and avoid mistakes. Also, it can prevent input lag, which can lead to a game loss. A good keyboard should have a membrane-based shield to protect your computer from dust.

Adding a dampening mat or cloth

Adding a dampening mat or cloth to your mechanical keyboard is a great way to reduce keyboard noise. Using a mat or foam will help absorb keyboard noise, making it less disruptive to the rest of your workstation. You can add pads to individual keys to make the typing experience easier.Lubricating the switches can be a good idea if you’re looking for a quieter mechanical keyboard. This will help to eliminate friction noise and spring ping. Taking the time to lubricate the switches will also improve the feel and smoothness of the keys.

Another option is to buy a desk mat. These are typically cloth or rubber-soled. They can be found in various sizes and easily purchased online or at your local office supply store. However, purchasing a wide enough pad to cover your keyboard and mouse is essential.Some gamers prefer to use keyboards with n-key rollover. Those who don’t prefer to use membrane switches can get a full-size, high-capacity keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting.

Changing switch types

If you have a mechanical keyboard, you can make it quieter by changing switch types. However, there are a few things you should consider before doing so.Clicky switches are generally louder than tactile ones. Tactile switches give you feedback on the downstroke of a critical press. They are quieter than clicky switches and can be used instead of clicky ones.

There are many different kinds of mechanical keyboard switches. Linear switches are the least noisy. A linear switch is a mechanism that causes a smooth up-and-down motion. These can be configured to minimize the sound of actuation.An N-key rollover (NKRO) feature is similar to anti-ghosting, but it can help you register all the keys simultaneously. Unlike anti-ghosting, NKRO can be implemented in a wide range of keyboards.


The stability of a mechanical keyboard depends on many aspects. For instance, the type of switches used in the keyboard and the manufacturing process can affect its longevity.In general, mechanical keyboards are considered more durable than other keyboards. But, mechanical keyboards have the potential to wear out, mainly if you use them for extended periods.However, this mechanicalkeyboard type is more expensive than keyboards with other switches.

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