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We should understand the breasts before breast augmentation.

Before breast augmentation We should understand that the breasts in girls are born from the beginning of the embryo to the mother’s womb. About six weeks old There is a thick spot on the chest called the mammary ridge or mammary line. 

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But running in a curve from the armpit through the chest to the groin Later, when the fetus was about two months old, the rest of the milk strands disappeared, leaving only the milk strands in the chest. In some people, this milk line does not disappear. Therefore, there may be milk in both armpits.

Milk lines that cannot be seen with the naked eye When the baby is 3 to 4 months old in the mother’s womb therefore seen as a milk point This milk point will later become the breast. by the last two months before the baby was born. Your baby’s milk will already have nipple ducts and milk fields.

For girls Medically, even the first symptom of being a girl is rapid height, with a height of 5 to 6 centimeters per year. But most people don’t notice. Often observed symptoms of lactation which occur at the age of about 11 years before the breast milk is established There is no difference in the milk of girls and boys. Breastfeeding in girls must not be born before the age of 8 years. If born early, it is considered abnormal growth, indicating that the menstruation is early. and there will be a problem with height (For those who are not high) because after menstruation within 4 years, girls will stop being tall. As a result of the female hormone estrogen, the cartilage at the ends of the bones closes or stops growing.

breast growth

Breast milk is the result of mammary stimulation of female hormones secreted by the ovaries. When starting to set up, it will be very painful.

There are 5 stages of breast growth known as Tanner stage:

  1. Tanner stage 1 nipples begin to see clearly. Milk is not a breast
  2. Tanner stage 2 milk field begins to expand breast milk Upon palpation, he found that the kidneys were in the body. The age at which breasts are born at this stage is about 11 years (8.9 to 12.9 years).
  3. Tanner stage 3 milk enlarges and bulges. Milk yard expands to the maximum size. Age at this stage of breast birth is approximately 12 years (9.9 to 13.9 years).
  4. Tanner stage 4 breast enlargement and convex. The milk yard was embossed until looking at the side, you will see the milk join the wavy milk field The age at which breasts are born at this stage is about 13 years (10.5 to 15.3 years).
  5. Tanner stage 5 milk is mature milk. Milk expands to the maximum size, the milk yard is back smooth as before. The age at which breasts are born at this stage is about 16 years.

In the case of less than 8 years of age, the breast is formed or has pubic hair or menstruation called a pre-teen which will need to find the cause

There are 3 reasons that cause premature girls.

  1. Caused by brain stimulation The hypothalamus of the brain (Hypothalamus) and Pituitary

which controls the production of hormones Order the ovaries to produce sex hormones, even when it’s not yet time, such as a brain tumor. Brain had suffered a concussion and has been irradiated to the brain. It causes the brain to order the ovaries to work before they are young. From the phenomenon is modern children. The menstrual period is less and less.

1860 The average age of girls at onset of menstruation is 16.6 years.

1920 The average age of girls at onset of menstruation is 14.6 years.

1950 The average age of girls at onset of menstruation is 13.1 years.

1980 The average age of girls at onset of menstruation is 12.5 years.

  1. Cause of sex hormones To stimulate the breast directly, sex hormones may be obtained from consumption. such as various contraceptive pills, herbs, Pueraria, Dong Kui, hormone-stimulated meat Or from obesity in obese people, a large amount of fat can be broken down into sex hormones.

The most talked about hormone-stimulated meat, chicken, is believed to be associated with prematurity. This may be related to the hormones that stimulate the animal’s heart. because of eating a lot of meat often get too much fat fattening and the hormones in their own body to stimulate the breast

  1. I don’t know why. Which is considered a problem for most of the young people in this age.

How to deal with being a young woman

If the grandchildren are pre-teens, they should be taken to see a doctor. The doctor will determine the cause and treat accordingly.

If the cause is not found Or suspected about hormones to stimulate the ovaries to give birth to a premature girl Doctors often treat by giving drugs to slow down the girl. which causes the menstruation to be postponed and the child will grow taller. Children are not stressed out from being a precocious girl. This may cause social problems with friends.

Preventing Premature Childhood for Children

  1. Not raising an infant to be obese or overweight because he grows up to be an obese child which if it is a girl, there will be problems with being a girl before her age
  2. Girls should not be fed high-fat foods on a regular basis, such as oily, fried food, fast food. or drinking too much cow’s milk Should eat right portions have eaten fruits and vegetables on a regular basis At least 5 portions a day (1 part equals 1 large fruit or if cut, equals a small measuring cup)
  3. Ensuring adequate sleep. Children should get at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order to release growth hormone. Children will grow up according to their age.
  4. You should not let them play on the computer. Or watch V more than 3 hours a day because there may be light and sound that stimulate the brain that controls the secretion of hormones. to be a precocious girl
  5. Must watch for signs of being a young woman If a child’s breast is found to have formed before the age of 8, he should be brought to the doctor immediately.

Before we do breast augmentation We need to be aware of hormones. It will help in the matter of the breast. And it helps us understand the breast before breast augmentation.

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