What is the Opposite of Technologically Advanced?

What is the opposite of technologically advanced? You might be asking yourself if a technologically advanced society is outdated or if it just isn’t that far ahead. The answer to this question depends on your definition of the term. High technology is considered cutting-edge and is the most complex technology available. In comparison, low technology is the opposite of high tech and is usually described as old and simple. Examples of low tech include slide rule downloadhubs.

There are several words in the dictionary that are synonyms and antonyms of “technological” such as clausthal and fertile. But it doesn’t stop there webtoon. Technology also involves knowledge, tools, and design. It’s often performed in an organized activity or competition, like learning to code. In this way, we learn how to use and create new tools. We may be technologically advanced, but we may be physically disadvantaged or magazinepaper to physical issues.

Is the opposite of technologically advanced nontechnological? The definition of ‘nontechnological’ is somewhat textboard. There are many antonyms for “technologically advanced,” including nontechnological terms. One such example is ‘partially alleviated,’ which refers to a human invention. An antonym might also be ‘fecund’, where the opposite is the same.

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