Why Shop at a Hardware Store Instead of a Home Depot?

While Home Depot is a great place to buy the supplies you need for a project, local hardware stores have a distinct advantage. These stores provide expert advice and excellent customer service. In addition, they often carry items that major box stores don’t. Homeowners may even find items they need that aren’t carried by their neighborhood stores. While Home Depot is the largest chain of hardware stores, it’s still possible to find a small, locally owned store that sells more affordable, quality products.

The Home Depot offers a vast selection of materials for home improvement projects, including tools and electronics. The store has a return policy, which makes it easier to exchange products if they don’t fit your project. Similarly, most retailers use coded tags to label their products, so savvy shoppers can easily find items at the lowest prices. For those who aren’t so handy, Home Depot’s return policy is very convenient.

Do you frequently visit a Home Depot? If so, why? First of all, Home Depot has a Low Price Guarantee (LPG), which means that if you find a better deal elsewhere, you can rest assured that Home Depot will match or beat the price of the same item. Home Depot will match any competitor’s prices within 10%, and the retailer will match the price.

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