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It’s easy to find homages to 1950s sci-fi B-movies, but it’s quite another to find an entire film set in that era Azevedotechcrunch. In recent years there have been a slew of films made in that style. Not only have they re-created the look and feel of the era, but some have also used vintage effects and camera moves. The result has been a wave of nostalgia.

One of the most notable retrovision movies is a French production called the The Artist. This black and white melodrama features Jean Dujardin and Rutger Hauer, and is said to be the first “silent movie” in decades. But what makes this retrovision film special is that it’s a spoof, making the most of its cheapo production values.

There are two main reasons why the Artist gets away with so much, and why it’s an enticing enough prospect that it could be the savior of a major studio in need of some fresh blood. Firstly, the film’s director, Timo Vuorensola, has a knack for combining modern special effects and 1930s expressionist black and white photography. Aside from its obvious visual merits, the film has a number of interesting sub-plots.

Another notable retrovision film is Grindhouse, a tongue in cheek double bill starring Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. As a result, it was able to spawn a raging mini-wave of retro-themed horror movies. Many of them have been viewed on YouTube with great success. They are also a worthy addition to any genre movie list.

There are a few aforementioned retro-themed films besides Grindhouse, including the aforementioned The House Of The Devil, a haunted house horror flick that plays out like a cult classic. Others, such as the aforementioned aforementioned The Artist, are also in the running, especially if you’re a fan of the ’80s. And, of course, there’s the mammoth feat of re-enacting a 1960s spy thriller.

On the music front, the Artist has been supported by a plethora of EDM enthusiasts, notably Spinnerix Show. Moreover, their music has been featured on numerous playlists and radio shows. While their chart positions may not be gaudy, the band has been the recipient of some of the industry’s most prestigious accolades. For instance, they made the Top Charts, which is a list of the most prestigious musicians and bands in France. Plus, the band has been lauded by some of the world’s most acclaimed DJs, most notably at EDC Las Vegas.

Overall, the music produced by Retro Vision has been hailed by many as the best of its kind. In fact, the label has amassed over two million monthly Spotify listeners, making it one of the most popular electronic artists in Europe. Among their accomplishments are a number of acclaimed tracks and remixes, including a collection of original tracks and several top notch cover versions. That’s not to mention a well-received album and single release schedule. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that RetroVision has become a bona fide household name in the EDM community.


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