How Effective Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses In Improving Sleep

Electronic devices such as smartphones or computers emit “blue light”. This light signals the brain to stay alert and awake. Prolonged exposure to this light for many hours can lead to restlessness and insomnia at night. 

This is mostly seen in people who after sitting in front of computers for eight hours at the workplace stay glued to other blue light-emitting devices such as television, phone, iPad, etc. after office hours. This significantly reduces sleep quantity and quality. 

This article tells you about the impact of blue light blocking glasses to prevent exposure to blue light, the use of the best mattress 2022, and a few tips to ensure a rejuvenating sleep.    

About Blue Light, And Its Impact On Sleep

Compared to orange and red light, blue light has shorter wavelengths and more energy. Due to this, it has a significant impact on our brain. The light suppresses the secretion of melatonin that is responsible for instilling sleep. Due to the suppression of the hormone, your brain remains alert and awake. 

These lights intervene in the natural wake and sleep process of the body and reduce sleep quality in a person. One of the best things that you can do to save yourself from the impact of blue light is to reduce your exposure to blue light. It will cause your brain to easily secrete melatonin to get into sleep mode.

Benefits Of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Blue light-blocking glasses reduce strain on the eyes. It can save you from several types of vision issues that include macular degeneration, retina damage, and digital eye strain.
  • It improves sleep both in terms of quantity, and quality.Read More About : cbd gummies.Touch here : canva .To find more information about importance of branding, you should try this site : wikibuz .

How To Get The Best Benefit From Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Knowing when and how to expose yourself to blue light will help people to sleep quickly and for a longer time during the night. It is beneficial, especially to those who are susceptible to insomnia. 

To increase the effectiveness of blue light filtering glasses, you can combine them with other methods such as early-morning exercise, dimming home lights an hour before going to bed, and consuming tart cherry juice.

To get the best benefits from these glasses, you need not wear them all the time. A majority of sleep experts recommend changing your usual spectacles for blue light filtering glasses for around three hours before reaching the bed.

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Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

  • Adjust the settings of the ceiling fan so that its blades run in a counter-clockwise direction. It will give you more cooling effect in the room.
  • Create a cross-breeze.
  • Create a DIY AC by putting ice in a shallow bowl and keeping it in the bedroom before you sleep.
  • Hang a wet sheet near an open window. This tip will cool incoming air, which will, in turn, cool your entire room.
  • Listen to soothing and meditative music. It will slow down the heart rate and anxiety and transit you into sleep mode.
  • Sleep on the floor. Put a high bed on the floor, or draw the mattress down from the sleeping loft. As hot air moves in an upward direction, these techniques will help keep your room cooler for a long time.
  • Use drapes, curtains, and blinds to keep your room cool and dark.
  • Choose light-colored cotton-based bedding, sheets, and pillow covers for cooler nights. Cotton offers enhanced breathability and promotes excellent air circulation and ventilation.
  • Wear an eye mask for blocking out the light that emits from electronics present in the home.
  • Use an ice pack or cool compression and apply it to different areas of the body to stay cool throughout the sleep.
  • Dress light and wear cotton clothes as it prevents nighttime overheating.
  • Opt for a good-quality mattress that is built with cooling-infusion technology. A specialized cooling mattress gives you a comfortable sleeping experience by dispersing body heat and enabling you to sleep cool the entire night. People who suffer from night sweats should choose highly-contouring beds that come with memory foam or gel foam comfort layers and moisture-wicking fabrics. 
  • Replace your old or worn mattress that gives you pain and aches.


Getting a night of good sleep is about seeking a balance in your routine work, a healthy lifestyle, and a great bed. The hard work you put into managing all these areas will surely pay off in terms of good sleep, improved quality of life, work productivity, and overall health.

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