What are the benefits of Cannabis? Understand it before buying it from a CBD shop

What are the benefits of Cannabis? It’s a question that many people want to know after marijuana is unlocked from being a drug. In addition, a cannabis extract is another avenue to treat cancer that is being watched. Because hope has not yet arrived, preparing to deal with the disease is something you can do on your own. Today, Cigna is ready to pay back for all health care with the insurance plan ” cancer does not return quickly ” with 15% money every two years when no cancer cells are found. But before choosing the right way to use Cannabis for treatment, invite to understand. Please learn more about Cannabis before buying it from a CBD shop.

What’s the difference between Cannabis and hemp?

After the law came out to support the use of “marijuana”, it became a new hope in the medical community expected to help cancer cells. But in the past, we often hear the word “hemp” as well. In fact, “cannabis” and “marijuana” are herbaceous plants from the same family of Cannabis. It is causing both plants to develop species in a direction suitable for the substances hidden inside. Therefore, the use is entirely different.

Hemp: It has large leaves, about 7-15 lobes, stems more than 2 meters, and less branching, but the bark of the trunk gives a lot of fiber. High strength and flexibility, less than 1% THC and more than 2% CBD was developed and used in textiles. It is produced as a fabric with better thermal properties than cotton, used in papermaking, to the construction industry.

Cannabis: 5-7 lobes with thick leaves, fragrant flowers with a sticky resin. Stems are short, bushy, not more than 2 meters high, very branching, and produce fibers of lower quality than hemp, providing more than 1% THC and not more than 2% CBD. by controlling the amount of THC substance that is stable and not too high.

The essence of unlocking marijuana from the drug list is for medical purposes. Especially the utilization of both important substances, namely CBD shop, which has medicinal benefits and THC substances that act oppositely.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Also known simply as the drunken substance, it is found high in marijuana. Psychoactive If taken into the body in large quantities, it will affect emotions, memory, feelings, euphoria, fainting, palpitations, and even hallucinations. Concentrations of up to 0.2% are legally permitted, which is a suitable dosage for pain relief and muscle spasms.

CBD (Cannabidiol): non-psychoactive does not cause intoxication. It is found high in hemp. Reduces seizures and reduces inflammation of the wound Pain after chemo and anxiety can be reduced. Importantly, it also helps to resist drunkenness when exposed to THC.

The World Health Organization (WHO) still lists THC as a Category 1 drug due to its potential misuse. But at the same time, it still has medical benefits. CBD is no longer a drug substance. Even Thailand has given the green light to unlock marijuana from the drug list. To be able to be researched for a wide range of treatments is true. But in many countries, it is still prohibited. And is not allowed to cross the country’s borders. So collect your necessary products from CBD shop.

Benefits of cannabis Sickness Supplements

What are the benefits of Cannabis? What diseases can Cannabis cure? One of them believes that many people think of cancer. Because cancer is complex and can be divided into many different types. Based on current research, Cannabis has not been directly packaged as a cancer drug. Stop it! Don’t just sigh and lose hope here. Because in foreign countries, cannabis extracts have been used to help control side effects caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients for a long time. Therefore, the medical community in our home use cannabis extract as a supplement to alleviate sickness symptoms after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Increasing the quality of life for patients helps reduce painkillers, relieve nausea, increase appetite and sleep well under a controlled dosage by a medical professor.

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