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Why Doesn’t McDonalds Serve Healthier Food?

While McDonald’s is famous for its fast food, its food is far from the healthiest option. Even the company’s CEO said the chain doesn’t make nutritional choices. So what can people do to make their meals healthier? They can switch to another fast food chain or try a healthy recipe at home. The main difference is in the portion sizes. In McDonald’s case, the portion sizes aren’t bad at all.

The menu changes were necessary to address the obesity epidemic. McDonald’s had to make some changes. It culled some menu items that were not popular enough. It canceled a salad that contained fruit and walnuts. It also removed most of its healthier menu items. As a result, it lost more customers than it did before. It’s unclear whether McDonald’s will return to a healthier menu or will continue to cut portions to reduce costs.

A McChicken sandwich with fries has 560 mg of sodium per serving. It’s possible to order a version with 500 mg of sodium per serving, but this hardly seems worth it for a healthy meal. McDonald’s does add plenty of other high-calorie and high-sodium options to keep customers satisfied. You can even opt for a low-sodium version of the McD’s chicken McNuggets.

While McDonald’s menu is still filled with unhealthy foods, they’re a good choice for fast food. Smaller portions, protein-packed meals, and salads with light dressing are a healthier option than the usual Big Mac with fries. But you can’t get away with a Big Mac alone. If you’re looking to eat a delicious meal that’s not too high in fat or calories, opt for a smaller size, a side salad, and a light-calorie soda.

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